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Here at Clever Never Goes HQ we’ve received some really encouraging feedback from a number of schools which have used Clever Never Goes to improve the school pick up routine.

Teachers in infant classes often play a pivotal role in pairing children with the right parent or other authorised person at the end of the day. However, it is common for more responsibility to be given to junior aged children to find the person taking them home themselves, without the direct intervention of a teacher. In these circumstances Clever Never Goes can provide a useful reminder to children to not go away with someone – even if they know the person – when it hasn’t been arranged beforehand.

(Image courtesy of Crofton Hammond Junior School, Stubbington, Hampshire)

Two schools have told us about situations when children (who have recently been taught Clever Never Goes) have returned to class at the end of the day because someone they hadn’t been expecting turned up to collect them. The schools were then able to phone the child’s parents to check. Both situations were entirely innocent. However, it’s great to hear of children putting their staying safe skills into action. And it’s a timely reminder to parents of the need to make changes to the pick-up routine clear to the school and to their own children.