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We’ve been encouraging schools that have signed up to Clever Never Goes to send us feedback over the summer. We’re not quite ready to reveal all yet – we need some more responses to make it robust. But let’s just stay the feedback we’ve received so far gives us a lot of confidence that Clever is doing a great job for us all out there!

One Assistant Headteacher – who we won’t name – has agreed to let us share her feedback:

“We really enjoyed the Clever Never Goes programme and our children responded brilliantly. I would give it five stars. There were two incidents in school towards the end of term where children made fantastic choices based on what they had learnt. They all said they remembered clever never goes. It is most definitely something we will continue with in the new term.”

Of course it’s concerning that children are being faced with situations where they have to make difficult choices. But it’s so heartening to hear that Clever Never Goes has helped them to make the right choices!

PLEASE: if you are a parent or teacher who has used Clever Never Goes do send us your feedback. If you can give us an overall score (0 stars = poor, to 5 stars = excellent) and then any comments, that would be really useful.