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New school child collection arrangements? Clever Never Goes is here to help…

Here at Clever Never Goes HQ we’ve been hearing from quite a few parents concerned at recent changes to school drop off and collection arrangements.

Schools are understandably focused on maintaining social distances, by preventing large groups of parents from gathering at the same time, and by keeping parents away from the classrooms.

In some cases this seems to be making the task of ensuring that children are met by the right parent or carer more of a challenge than it was before. Some parents are clearly concerned that children – even infants in some cases – are having to locate their parent themselves.

As ever at Clever Never Goes we’re not going to start talking up a problem. First, many children – even infants – are resilient and can rise to the challenge of navigating a more complex collection arrangement at the end of the school day. Second, let’s remember that the risk of a child being abducted in this scenario is certainly small.

Since we launched Clever Never Goes just over two years ago, we’ve had many schools tell us that the programme has helped them reinforce the key messages that keep children safe when leaving school:

• Don’t go with anyone unless it’s been arranged,
• If you can’t find your parent or carer then come back into the classroom/school and ask for help.

So, in these difficult times, if you want to instil some basic do’s and don’ts – with the help of our friendly ‘Clever’ the robot – then check out the Clever Never Goes website for free schools resources.