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Police-recorded child abduction and kidnapping published in 2017

Police-recorded child abduction and kidnapping 2015/16: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

This paper summarises findings from Action Against Abduction’s fourth Freedom of Information (FOI) data collection exercise with police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 42 police forces provided all data requested; two forces gave partial data. The key findings are:

  • The number of all child abduction and kidnapping offences recorded by police increased by 30 per cent from 2014/15 to 2015/16 (see Table 1) to a total of 1,537.
  • Parental and non-parental child abduction increased by 23 and 27 per cent respectively. This contrasts with the 2014/15 findings in which the increase in child abduction was entirely due to an increase in non-parental child abduction.
  • Child kidnappings offences increased by 40 per cent to 527 offences in 2015/16.